Why You Need Custom Coffee Sleeves For Your Business

Every decision that goes into creating a business is important not only for profitability but the reputation and success as well. The small things in life always count, and there is no exception for your business. A simple way to add some pizzazz to your business is to create customized coffee sleeves! 

Coffee sleeves are those beautifully engineered coverings that protect your hands from your delicious scorching hot coffee. These coffee sleeves are an incredible innovation, as it’s hard to believe that they can add an endless amount of value to your brand. 

Why You Need Custom Coffee Sleeves For Your Business
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What is it? 

Whether you call it a coffee sleeves, coffee clutches, coffee cozies, hot cup jackets, paper zarfs, coffee collars, coffee sleeve, or cup holders, these are all that piece of that wonderful invention that wraps all the way around your piping hot cup of joe, while shielding your hands from the burn! The coffee cup sleeve was invented in the early 90’ s90’s and has been a world-wide favorite ever since. For decades, the sleeve has been your traditional “boring” cardboard brown colored piece of paper that customers did not pay too much attention to while enjoying their drinks. Within the past five years, things have changed. Coffee sleeves have evolved into the “next best thing” to add value to any cafe or restaurant’s brand. 

Coffee sleeves? Are they adding value to my brand? Absolutely! Coffee sleeves are cafe’s sneak attacks, giving them an advantage ahead of their competitors. Still, don’t believe us? Keep reading to see how coffee sleeves can have a massive impact on your business. 

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Why You Need Custom Coffee Sleeves For Your Business
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So..What’s the Big Deal? 

When done right, coffee sleeves can expose your business to thousands of people all around the world. Branding and brand image are incredibly important for any business. To create a “brand” is to display the image or reputation that you want your business to be perceived as. Customers and potential customers also create an association with your business in their minds. Therefore, it is important to do everything in your power to swag them in the direction that you want them to perceive your business. 

One of the most important ways to represent the image that you want to exhibit to the world is to pay attention to the small things in life, the details. From the ingredients in your chicken salad sandwich to the custom-designed napkins and coffee sleeves, everything that you do influences your brand image. 

Are you a fun and flirty cafe, inviting college friends to hang out and chat while sipping on some espressos and mochas? Are you a more serious coffee shop in the heart of a financial district bustling with businessmen and women? The design that you put into your coffee sleeve displays the image that you want your customers to think when they’re sipping your coffee. Also, when they pass by the empty cup in the recycling bin, or even scroll through their feed and see a cool shot of your drink.   

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Why You Need Custom Coffee Sleeves For Your Business
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Having an aesthetically pleasing coffee sleeve entices your customers to upload a picture of your coffee to all forms of social media. After thousands of people have seen your business on their feeds over and over, this creates a demand for them to also snap an “artsy” picture with your coffee sleeve. 

How do you create an aesthetically pleasing coffee sleeve that entices customers to take photos while ensuring that the brand image you want to display comes together to make one great creation? We are glad you asked!  


Your logo is one of the essential factors in determining not only coffee sleeve exposure success but the brand image as a whole. Your logo is customers’ first impression, so it’s critical to make it count. A few ways to have a great logo are: keeping it simple, easy to read, and, most importantly, giving it an individual touch!

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Colors & Patterns

When someone says coffee sleeve, what comes into your mind? We bet it’s something like this: 

Put a picture of a traditional boring brown coffee sleeve, please 🙂

Times are changing, and so are the color schemes! It’ sIt’s important to keep up with what is “cool” and “hip” in today’s word, and having an aesthetically pleasing brand on all fronts is crucial! Just the other day, one of our team members went to a cafe that had a neon blue background and dancing flamingos on the coffee sleeve, and now all of her friends want to try it out! Having colorful and fun coffee sleeves not only jazzes up the user experience but invites photos! Play around with colors and patterns that compliment your brand name, logo, and reputation. For example, if your restaurant’s name is, “Sunrise Coffee” think about maybe doing a fun animated sun design wearing sunglasses, for example. Your design and color scheme does not, and should not be over complicated- have fun with it! 

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Why You Need Custom Coffee Sleeves For Your Business
Stacked coffee cups with sleeves @laceandlaughterlife

You were going to have coffee sleeves in your cafe regardless of the current trends that are going on, so why not make your business stand out from the crowd? For only a couple more pennies, your business can go from a “yeah, let’s go grab a cup of coffee”, to “we NEED to get a cup of coffee from *enter your business name here*” 

Do yourself a favor and invest in customizable coffee sleeves, we promise that it will 100% pay off in the end! 

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