Tools For Tracking Employee Performance at Your Cafe

It is no secret that a successful business largely depends upon its employees. How they behave in front of customers. How your employees participate in everyday activities, and how much interest they show on their job. This especially holds true when it comes to running a flourishing venture in the service industry. That is why, if you are the owner of a coffee shop, finding the tools for tracking employee performance at your cafe would be a crucial step, in order to scale your business to the desired heights. 

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But that’s where it gets trickier. Even with an abundance of performance tracking solutions, tracking employee performance for a coffee shop is anything but easy. It’s due to most of the tracking tools that are available for the business sector have been designed for employees that work desk jobs. Since most employees of a cafe have to stay on their feet, the usage of popular digital-based tools gets ruled out automatically. This leaves coffee shop owners amid a ton of options, most of which fail to cover their business operations completely. 

As a result, coffee shop owners, such as yourself, often face the challenge of assessing employee performance accurately. Since you are unable to determine whether your staff is working to their optimal capacity, you are also restrained in rewarding employees who go above and beyond in terms of doing their jobs. With this, the constriction of keeping an eye on employees whose performance is not up to par is also difficult. This renders you unable to run motivational programs and execute training exercises efficiently, both of which are essential to the success of any business.

Tools For Tracking Employee Performance at Your Cafe
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Software to Track Employee Performance

Thankfully, that is now changing for the better. With the advancements made in performance tracking solutions in the past few years, you could now make use of solutions that fit your needs. Some of these tools double their conventional functionality, to provide extended support to service sector employees, while others are specifically built for them.

Among an abundance of performance tracking tools, it could be difficult to choose one that is the right one for you, or one that is right for your employees, and your cafe. That is why we’re going to talk about 3 tools, that could serve the purpose of tracking employee performance for a coffee shop. 

With the following solutions at hand, you would be able to reward your most efficient employees, while also keeping an eye on those who need feedback to do their job optimally. As a result, you will strike the perfect balance between motivation and training. This will put your cafe on the path of success!  

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Tools For Tracking Employee Performance at Your Cafe
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1. TINYpulse

Your cafe’s employees always put a smile on their faces to serve customers, but that is no testament to how they are feeling internally. In fact, they could very well be unhappy. That category alone makes up of 70 percent of employees in the U.S who don’t feel engaged with their job. What do employees do when they are unhappy, you ask? They tend to take the route of reckless actions and end up doing their jobs poorly. In other words, they simply stop caring.

Needless to say, this could be detrimental to your business. In order to make sure that this does not happen with your coffee shop or its employees, you could use TINYpulse, which is efficient in tracking employee performance.

The software tracks your employees’ emotions and their reactions through short activities every day. This helps you ensure that your team is engaged with the work that they are doing. Any employee’s mood directly reflects upon their performance. You could know exactly how to approach those workers who pose a threat to the pleasantness of your coffee shop’s ambiance and the efficacy of its service levels. 

This way, you could reach out to your employees when they need your help. Together, you could make sure that people visiting your coffee shop, including your employees, don’t leave the premises without a genuine smile on their face.

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Tools For Tracking Employee Performance at Your Cafe
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2. Basecamp

It is not uncommon for coffee shops to set certain targets on sales. Especially when it comes to up-selling and cross-selling items to existing customers. The responsibility to do this falls directly to front-desk employees, such as your baristas. They need to make sure that they remain thoroughly pleasant while advising customers to upsize their drinks. Or try the latest flavorings for a tiny yet additional amount. 

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Making sales and coffee simultaneously could be difficult. It could get even more daunting when you add target management to this mix. But given that this is highly important for your cafe’s success, it is important that employees meet this criterion optimally.

Basecamp guarantees that your employees know their targets, in order to track them effectively. As an easy-to-use tool in multiple aspects. It is also very efficient for tracking employee performance for a coffee shop. Given that the tool is widely available and very user-friendly, your employees could get acclimated with it right away. It could help you track their performance in terms of sales and other aspects easily. This also makes for a transparent work environment where your employees are aware of their goals. This could ensure to meet them within the given timeframe.

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Tools For Tracking Employee Performance at Your Cafe
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3. WhenToWork

Running a coffee shop is not easy. This is especially true for those cafes which have survived the gauntlet of the first few months and serve consistent customers every day. With this advantage of serving your fair share of the target customer base, you also need to manage certain responsibilities to a larger extent, such as those that come with a greater team size. This means that simpler processes that worked with a small team. Such as relaying scheduling info verbally and tracking efficiency through mere observation, don’t work as optimally anymore. 

With maximized growth, you also need sophisticated solutions that are designed for tracking employee performance at your cafe. Here’s where WhenToWork enters the game. As an easy-to-use scheduling software that also comes with the promise of tracking features. You could ensure to minimize risks and shift assignment issues. 

Tools For Tracking Employee Performance at Your Cafe
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Tracking Employee Performance At Your Cafe

Due to how effectively the solution helps you in tracking active time for any employee, you are able to know each employee’s timed hours as well as compliance with their schedule. This way, you are aware of the performance indicators for employees’ punctuality and tardiness, while also being able to make changes to the schedule remotely. 

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Overall, these tools provide much-needed solutions that you need for tracking employee performance at your cafe. By using these alternatives according to your needs, you can ensure that you are on top of assessing every employee, while also being able to take timely and effective measures to resolve any ongoing issues.

Tools For Tracking Employee Performance at Your Cafe

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