How to Make Simple Syrup—Explained

You won’t believe how easy it is.

Two weeks ago, I was talking to a close friend of mine, the conversation went from one point to another, and then we started debating about what makes a perfectly-sweetened coffee; and things got philosophical, maybe a bit too much. Have you ever wondered that? We all want to have that right mix of ingredients in our cups. Anyone can get attached to a coffee shop that has this sacred combination, but are you able to spend that amount of money on a daily basis? If not, then Brand My Cafe is here to help you find some answers!

First, we need to know one crucial point: All brands have their secret formula— an item so valuable that is locked in a safe vault that has no key. Just like McDonald’s Big Mac sauce, In-N-Out’s mysterious process of keeping things fresh, or a new line of lattes at Starbucks. These big chains serve thousands of clients per year, therefore, loyalty is extremely important to them, clients have to keep coming, and to get to that point, most of these businesses came up with interesting recipes to stand out.

Since we are talking about coffee, there is something we need to mention, and that is Simple Syrup. A mixture that can make a real difference, drawing a strong line between the average coffee, and a wonderful Cup of Joe. So, if you are looking for extraordinary results, like those big brands, then it’s important to start learning how to make the best Simple Syrup. Now, be sure to read the following instructions, it’ll be an easy ride, don’t worry.

The Best Way to Make Simple Syrup—Explained
Simple syrups are widely used in cocktails, alongside of coffee drinks @cocktailcourier

1.Sugar and Water Portions

Simple as that, use one cup of sugar and another one for water. Surprisingly, these are the only ingredients you’ll need, but I must tell you that this mix won’t make 2 cups of Simple Syrup, in fact it’ll be equal to 1 ½ cups of it. Don’t hesitate to use the right equipment if you can, measurements are pretty useful when doing this kind of experiments. By knowing this first step, it’s almost incredible to think that some people go out to the store in order to buy branded Simple Syrup, when you can elaborate your own formula.

2. A Little Heat

Take your saucepan and turn the kitchen over medium heat, and stir the mix slowly. This is true basic chemistry, a process that will dissolve sugar in the right way through liquid crystallization, a trick widely used by most bartenders in the United States and the United Kingdom. Once the procedure is done, remove the heat right away. As you may know, sugar is very soluble in hot water, so be sure to not cause any evaporation, because the ratio between both elements can be altered, and that is something you really don’t want in your Simple Syrup.

The Best Way to Make Simple Syrup—Explained
Fresh homemade simple syrup @anniebr0akley

3. Get Creative with Flavors

This is the right moment to add more ingredients, if you see fit. Stir these additives right into the mix, and close the recipient in order to blend these two components more effectively. I’ve seen infusions with mint, ginger, caramel, even lavender; there’s no limit, the choices are endless for you to decide. Remember that once the Simple Syrup finally settles down, you’ll need to remove these additional elements, this way you’ll not compromise its shelf life. Interested in more flavors and aromas? We totally recommend to use these: 

  • Grapefruit.
  • Rose petals.
  • Lime.
  • Nutmeg.
  • Cinnamon.
  • Peppercorns.
  • Herbs.
  • Vanilla.

4. How to Store Your Simple Syrup for Later

Keep it in the fridge, cold and safe from any harm or exposure, the sweet spot is between the first and the second week, but Simple Syrup can stand the test of time up to four weeks; yes, that much, I didn’t believe that either. Another fact that I ignored was that sugar is used as a preservative on certain products, a good example of this are jellies. Make sure to use a sterile container, one that has been cleaned with boiling water, to avoid impurities and mold.

Now that you know how to make your own Simple Syrup at home; coffee won’t be the same, and the experience will be even more gratifying. I already made my own mixture with vanilla, and I can’t wait to share it ay my next dinner party! It’s the perfect combination of bitter and soft-sweetened aromas into one delicious cup. To be honest, I’m pretty sure a dash of cinnamon would taste delectable with my vanilla— opening more possibilities to experiment and have fun all day long!

Most “secret formulas” are incredibly simple, people tend to imagine these as meticulous works of kitchen artistry, but in some cases that is not true. If you are a barista or a coffee shop owner, here’s the trick: You need to stay creative— trying riskier flavors, going far beyond your preferences, and learning from others; by committing to this, customers will surely reward you in many ways.

The Best Way to Make Simple Syrup—Explained
The simple syrup possibilities are endless @divinelifekitchen

Inspired to create your own simple syrup concoction now? Let us know what you come up with for your store or home. Maybe we can learn from you too!

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