5 Different Types of Coffee Bag Packaging

With too many types of coffee bag packaging to choose, it’s easy to get confused, we’re here to help.

Sharing valuable information about anything related to coffee is one of my true passions. But oftentimes, there are some topics that do not get explored that much. In previous blog posts, we’ve talked about many of them, like how to make simple syrup, or the best tips on how to start a coffee shop successfully, to mention a few.

This time, I’m very interested in opening a healthy discussion about coffee bag packaging, my intention is not to be rude at all, is just that I feel the need to contribute about something so important, that at the same time gets ignored by my peers in this business.

Let’s begin with this statement: A package is more than a cute design. Once we get that fact deep inside our minds, it’ll be easier to understand the art, science and thought behind the true reason on why we need packages for any product, and coffee is no exception. 

Good packaging is indispensable for your coffee beans, will keep them safe from any harm, prolonging the shelf life up to 9 months in the pantry, and to 3 years if placed in the freezer; sounds crazy but that’s a fact. On the other hand, it’ll keep your product fresh, and this is extremely important if you are into strong flavors, as these can only be achieved by implementing a remarkable process of preservation. Look no further, coffee bag packaging has been developed for this purpose, and it’s the best option for those perfectionists in this industry.

Types of Coffee Bag Packaging
Coffee beans and coffee bag.

Don’t get me wrong, the best packages out there have different purposes, and marketing is surely one of them. Companies won’t lose the chance to portray the best branding on top of these, captivating customers at first-sight, creating visual impulses that tend to convey a sense of trust, character, and appeal. So, the importance of this factor is immense when it comes to selling your coffee to the masses, people need to feel the deliciousness they are about to get, just by looking at your packaging, that’s the real trick.

Identity and commitment are some of the core values of any powerful brand, these tend to balance the level of quality that goes behind your products, with the techniques you’ll apply in order to sell them correctly. By understanding all of this, you can get a clear picture of what you really need before taking any risks. Now, let’s dive into the best types of coffee bag you can choose. Believe me, these will scale your project to the next level.

Types of Coffee Bag Packaging
Spilling coffee beans.

Types of Coffee Bag Packaging

1. The Side Fold

5 Different Types of Coffee Bag Packaging
Side fold coffee packaging from Brand My Cafe

This one is totally handy, affordable and traditional, it’s no surprise that this type of package is widely used by brands all over the world. Good for minimalistic branding, thanks to its shape and dimensions, but kind of unstable when placed on flat surfaces, all because of the folding at the bottom; great against any weather, useful to know when considering a place to store them.

2. Flat Bottom

5 Different Types of Coffee Bag Packaging
Flat bottom coffee packaging from Brand My Cafe

Looking like a box, it’s one of the most balanced and marketable packaging options out there, allowing more space for graphic design preferences of any style, making them seem more diverse at grocery shops when compared with other types of bags. These ones are extremely popular in the United States, but more interesting in Europe, as they come with a reclosable zipper.

3. Pillow Bags

5 Different Types of Coffee Bag Packaging
Pillow bags for coffee from Brand My Cafe

The incredibly low-price of these, makes them more attractive to coffee shop owners worldwide. Simple, cheap and easy for fractional consumption; in other words, great for small quantities, let’s say one cup of Joe. The production is so excessive, that some restaurants give them “for free”.

4. The Famous Doypack

5 Different Types of Coffee Bag Packaging
Doypack bags from Brand My Cafe

Looking a bit unorthodox, comes round at the bottom and sharp at the top, this is one, if not the most popular coffee bag of 2019. The modern aesthetic is just impossible to ignore, stands up perfectly no matter the size, filling or weight, and has a useful zipper that is strong and convenient, making the Doypack an option worth every penny.

5. BIBs (Bag-In-Bag)

5 Different Types of Coffee Bag Packaging
BIBS from Brand My Cafe

These packs of coffee are also for fractional use, coming inside larger packages for several purposes, going from sales in larger quantities or for any other food service. This is another example of a very common style of packaging that you can see everywhere, easy to make, affordable and indispensable for any coffee shop. 

Types of Coffee Bag Packaging
Coffee beans, coffee and fortune cookies.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Coffee Packaging

Look closely at what’s been described here, and you’ll find that re-closability is a serious attribute you must consider when choosing a certain package. You may wonder why, and the answer is simple, is not that those who don’t have a zipper are bad options, that’s not the case; customer preferences are the real deal here, and it’s a proven fact that most coffee lovers prefer bags with a reclosing feature. In this way, the product blends perfectly with their needs and habits of consumption, everyone is different, some need more than a cup, others are totally fine with just one, and those bags who have zippers are the right fit for these individuals.

On the other hand, packages that do not have that kind of functionality have a peculiar disadvantage, but they also can provide a fresher and more preserved taste, all because these don’t have to get opened as much as the ones with a zipper, the appropriate match for brands who want to provide a deeper experience in regards to their products.

To get the best out this whole effort, at Brand My Café we suggest to look out for interesting options via @brandmycafe, there you’ll find the most creative proposals from the best designers out there, an outstanding source of inspiration that can help you learn much faster about this art form. Another interesting tip is to communicate the roast date, processing methods, and origins right on your label, this will keep your customers interested in buying your product, it is what I call sincere marketing, and it’s amazing when brands take the time and dedication to sharing such important information.  

What are other Types of Coffee Bag Packaging are you using in your Café? Let us know in the comments! We hope this helped you a lot for your coffee packaging!

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