Job Interview Questions for Baristas

Further than knowing you can trust your employees, you have to be sure that they can perform the job the way you expect it to be completed. A barista has to be someone who is dedicated to their profession, somebody who cares about coffee culture.

What Makes a Good Barista?

Well, it’s all about who you ask. We made a list of job interview questions for baristas so you can improve your hiring process.

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Job Interview Questions For Baristas
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Job Interview Questions For Baristas

1. What’s your favorite thing about making coffee?

The purpose of this question is to see if the person is passionate about their job. Ideally, you want someone who cares a lot about the process; someone you know will take the time and dedication to deliver consistent quality in their coffee.

Wrong answers: “Drinking a sip of someone’s coffee when no one’s looking,” or “The part when I get paid.”

2. Do you make your coffee at home?

You want to know whether the person is still enamored with the art of making coffee or if they don’t care about it anymore. Some baristas are happy to drink espresso all day, but what we want is someone with a variety of tastes, someone who can recommend you a different drink each day of the week.

Wrong answers: “I don’t drink coffee at home.”

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Job Interview Questions For Baristas
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3. How many times a day do you drink coffee?

Coffee addiction is very regular among Baristas. A barista should drink coffee every day, as it is essential that someone that makes coffee also enjoys coffee. These questions will let you get to know the person a little more and get an insight into what kind of person they might be.

Wrong answers: “I don’t drink coffee,” or “I prefer RedBull™.”

4. Convince me to try a coffee drink that I’ve never had before.

To test both the selling abilities and the coffee knowledge of the potential barista, an employer will ask this or similar “sell me X” questions.

Wrong answers: “Try some tea,” “Espresso.”

5. Have you worked as a Barista before? How long?

A barista is a busy person, and you should know whether they can keep up with the amount of work you need them to, or whether they can hold the fort on their own. The more experience they have, the better.

An experienced barista might be a better option, but choose passion over experience. A person that loves coffee and is always reading about it and participating in coffee culture is more valuable than a bitter barista.

Wrong Answers: “I make my dad’s coffee” or “I worked at a place for some time, but it burned down. I was the only one who survived.”

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Job Interview Questions For Baristas
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Questions to Ask a Coffee Shop Employer

1. What kind of equipment do you have?

You’ll want to know whether you’re going to be operating a lot of machinery. This can mean a very large or antiquated espresso machine, or if they use other brewing methods a lot. You need to know if you’re up to the task.

2. Are we allowed to drink coffee at work?

A lot of coffee places have an unspoken rule about this. Some shops encourage their employees to drink coffee on the job, while others frown upon it. You should clear this up right away, so you don’t get into any sticky situations later.

3. Am I going to be working alongside someone else? What are they/they like?

Lastly, you want to understand what kind of people you’re going to be working with. Whether there’s a lot or just one, what you need to get from their answer is what are your future coworkers going to be like.

Thank you for reading with us today! With these questions, you can prepare a good interview set up and if you are a barista or coffee lover reading this then you can anticipate what you would get asked if present at an interview. Make sure you also check out “How to Be a Better Barista Over Night” for a quick guide to improving your barista knowledge.

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