How to Be a Better Barista Over Night

So, you want to be a better barista overnight? Believe it or not, it does not take studying the art of cafe art or sniffing the aroma of each cup you have prepared to become the best barista that you can be starting tomorrow; all it takes is a little bit of passion, a positive attitude, and patience. It’s all about having a love for what you do and a genuine smile on your face to become the best version of yourself for the start of your shift in the morning. 

Being a barista is so much more than just “serving coffee.” You are the first person that many people have an interaction with in the morning, and while it may sound cliche, you truly hold so much power.

You have the ability to set the mood of your customers for their entire day. Sure, you are not saving lives or risking your own life to do the right thing, but you have the capacity to make the world a better place one small step at a time. Not all heroes wear capes, remember that!

Do you want to do all you can do to better yourself for your customers? Keep reading to hear three things to consider to become a better barista overnight. 

How to Be a Better Barista Over Night
Barista pouring latte milk.

1. Pair Your Craft with Passionate Drive

When you hear the word passion, what do you think about? Are you proud of the work that you do? Are you happy in your job? The first step in becoming a better barista is simply making sure that this is the right job for you. If you are dragging yourself to work each and every day, your customers will begin to tell and so will your boss. If you’re unhappy, it will rub off on the people you serve and then quickly to the person in charge. Negative (or positive) energy is contagious.

Take a step backward and examine the work that you do each and every shift. What do you do that makes you happy when you are at work? Do you love the smell of roasting coffee beans, creating the perfect latte, or is it even having the reputation of being the coolest barista on the block? Whatever it is, focus on what excites you and roll with that. Try to focus on the things you like, while expanding on those skills!

How to Be a Better Barista Over Night
Beautiful latte art.

2. Obsess with Having a Positive Attitude

Having a positive attitude does not mean that you have to be the most extroverted person in the room. Whether you are outgoing, shy, reserved, or a comedian; a smile can go a long way in the barista industry. In most cases, the mood that you are in can have a huge effect on the customer experience. To become a better barista is to display yourself in a better light. Many coffee shops have their long line of morning regulars, and we are certain that the cafe you work for is not an exception to that. If you display yourself each and every shift with your best foot first, smiling from ear to ear, and genuinely caring about the customers you are serving, this will go a long way for your reputation.

Along with serving great coffee, having an aesthetically pleasing space, and creating a captivating logo, the customer service of a business is one of the most important indicators of success for a business. In order to deliver great customer service, you must have a positive attitude. The brand of a business is the reputation that it holds within the community and it is important to do everything you can to boost the image of the company you work for; starting with analyzing yourself. 

We are all human and it is hard to put up a fake version of ourselves. If you are not authentically showing yourself in a positive light at work, it will become evident to your customers, co-workers, and boss. Having a positive attitude about things makes work a much more enjoyable place, thus resulting in you feeling much happier!

How to Be a Better Barista Over Night
Pouring milk for making a latte.

3. Instill the Virtue of Patience

Patience? What is this? I thought I was reading about how to become a better barista overnight?! Patience you must have, my young barista.” -Yoda. All great things in life are achieved with time. It is important to sit back and really focus on researching the drinks that you were born to make. 

To be a great barista, it is important to truly know what your menu consists of. Get in the routine to try to remember off the top of your head the ingredients of each drink and the benefits of each. The coffee industry is constantly changing and so are the cafe menus. It is crucial for you to always be ready to evolve along with the coffee shop you serve in.

It takes time to really get into a rhythm with your research, craft, and execution. Do not be too hard on yourself if you are not getting it right away. Stick with it and keep trying. Eventually the pieces will fall together and you will become a great barista. 

The beginning steps to becoming a better barista overnight are not as complicated as it might appear. Becoming a better barista is simply becoming a better version of yourself. Find happiness in the job that you do, thus creating a positive atmosphere for yourself, your customers, and coworkers.

Think You’ll Be a Better Barista Now?

Every single day instances happen at work that are out of our control. A machine breaks down, a customer has a negative attitude, you are late to work because of unpredictable traffic jams; things happen and life goes on. You will not become the best barista within the snap of a finger and know that is okay! You are taking steps in the right direction and becoming a better barista after each and every shift. After some time and you get into the swing of things, then you will become a latte art connoisseur. 

How to Be a Better Barista Over Night
Making a latte.

Thank you for reading with us today! Are you feeling a little more confident after following these three simple steps to becoming a better barista overnight? Head on over and read “How To Be a Better Barista 101” and learn a little more about the specific steps you can take to improve your skills and techniques. 

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