Are Coffee Bag Valves Important?

Everything about coffee is amazing: the taste, the aroma, the look. No wonder so many people want to open up their own coffee shop or cafe! Tasting coffee wakes up our bodies and the smell of coffee awakes our souls, quite literally too.

Since coffee is such an important part of so many lives, it’s important to offer the freshest coffee to your consumers to keep them coming back for more. After all, keeping customers happy is just as important as the product you offer. Believe it or not, the way you package your coffee beans or grind can make or break the flavor. 

Ever wondered how to keep your coffee fresh from beginning to end? This is where coffee bag valves come in.

Are Coffee Bag Valves Important?
You might’ve seen those holes in the back of your delicious coffee bags, what is it? @charmytan

What are coffee bag valves?

A valve and coffee bags are a match made in heaven. The single-way valve allows suppliers to pack up delicious coffee beans right after the roasting process. After coffee roasting, coffee beans release carbon dioxide for hours.

The coffee bag valve, which is built into the packaging, allows for the carbon dioxide to leave from inside the sealed bag without allowing contaminants from the outside getting in. This keeps your coffee beans or grind fresh and free from any bacteria, exactly what you’d expect from a coffee bag.

Why are coffee bag valves so important?

Allowing for an exit point for the carbon dioxide is extremely important because, putting this quite frankly, your bag of coffee could explode in your customers car on their way home. No coffee shop or newly branded cafe would want this experience for their customer right?

Having this valve opening offsets any off-gassing concerns. The pressure within the bag is continuously building because of the gases within. Without the valves, the bag could begin to leak or break open. The valve allows for the gas to leave the bag, which maintains the bags appearance and prevents loss of product, all while ensuring a longer shelf life.

Are Coffee Bag Valves Important?
Coffee bag valves help to keep your coffee fresh @erwinchuk

Is Oxidation Good For Coffee?

A one-way valve is incredibly important to ensuring the freshest coffee that you can offer to consumers. They provide a barrier against oxygen, dust, and dirty air from entering the bag.

When a product is exposed to oxygen, a corrosive process begins to take place. Just as the oxygen begins to break down a peeled banana or a sliced apple, the same process begins to take place on your coffee grounds. It results in stale coffee, sometimes decreasing the shelf life from many months to just a few days.

The one-way valve eliminates the ability for oxygen to get into the bag, thus resulting in fresher coffee for a much longer time.

Are Coffee Bag Valves Important?
Coffee bag valves provide a barrier against oxygen, dust, and dirty air from entering the bag. @ilikecoffeebags_

5 Types of Coffee Packaging

No consumer wants to buy a product that isn’t fresh, so it’s important to package your product the right way. Coffee bags with the one-way valve are designed to keep your coffee as fresh as it can be from production to the shelves. Below you will find five ways that you can package your coffee to ensure the best of the best for your customers.

1. Stand Up Coffee Pouches

Stand up pouches come in a variety of sizes and are extremely popular, being one of the most popular packaging types in the coffee industry actually! They have a lightweight makeup, but have a strong barrier for protecting your goods. On top of that, they’re also great for displaying in front of your customers in your cafe.

2. Block Bottom Coffee Bags

The block bottom bags offer a square bottom, allowing them to stand upright without any product inside. They are the easiest to fill and stand up better on the shelves of stores, cafes or coffee shops.

Since these block bottom coffee bags are very easy to make, they’re made in various materials like kraft paper, matte material, white kraft paper and more.

3. Side Gusseted Coffee Bags

Side gusseted coffee bags can be made out of numerous different materials including: foil, paper, and poly. The four corners of this type of coffee bag provides added support for heavier products. To make these bags “resealable” they work great with bag clips or tin ties, you may even find some made with self closures attached like a plastic zip.

4. Coffee Bags with Flat Pouch

Flat pouches are perfect for single-use, meaning that the consumer would be enjoying fresh coffee each time they use your product. Just like the pouches or bags mentioned above, the durability is just as great and it keeps your coffee fresh!

5. Tin Tie Coffee Bags

These bags have a built in tin-tie, which adds a reusable feature to your packages that customers love. Not only is it durable like many of the kraft coffee packages above, the resealable nature of this type of coffee bag serves to prolong a customer’s coffee shelf life. The longer you can store your coffee the more you can enjoy it right?

Why Doesn’t Canned Coffee Need Valves?

Canned coffee is de-gassed before it’s stored into a canned container, which allows any coffee to be stored for longer.

The majority of canned coffee is ground and then allowed a period of time for the de-gassing process. This is when the carbon dioxide leaves the coffee after being roasted, but most of the time this is done by letting the carbon dioxide to leave while the coffee is sitting out in the open. Allowing for the coffee to sit out in the open, dirty air makes it stale. The worst part about this is, it’s stale before even entering the can, imagine what it’s like once it reaches your customers.

A bad cup of joe in the morning can ruin anyone’s entire day. It’s incredibly important to make sure you’re taking steps to ensure the quality of your product is the best that it can be.

Are Coffee Bag Valves Important?
Using a coffee bag valve is fresher than canned coffee @oas.sweden

Single-way coffee bag valves are the way to go.

They allow for the coffee to be packaged right after roasting. Have an easy exit for the carbon dioxide. Prevent contaminants from getting in. Eliminate the chances of your coffee bag from blowing up. And above all they keep your product fresh and delicious for your customers to love and enjoy!

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