A new decade is right around the corner, and just like technology, the restaurant industry is getting busier and complex, making it harder for small businesses to thrive and succeed. As a coffee shop owner, you may be tired of hearing how social media, user-generated content, augmented reality and the fast-paced medium of stories are gaining relevance every year, projecting the field of the brand image to new heights. Let’s be honest, everything is visual now, and you shouldn’t ignore that resounding fact.

Brand My Cafe works as a bridge between these new demands and those innovative solutions, we understand how important it is for brands of any kind to have an outstanding presence, whether is via digital or printed mediums. Over the years we’ve come with a wide set of options for small business owners, who want to turn things around, all in regards to the overall look of their beloved projects.

We strongly believe in smart branding, the one that shares a bold message, through compelling ideas and beautiful design, enhancing the brand in the minds of all its customers, delivering better results, stronger relationships with clients, and a positive contribution to the community in which they operate. Your products have to replicate your vision, your perspectives and ambitions, they need to look smart, great and accessible, and all those requirements can be achieved through a team of experts who really know their craft, and we are proud to say that we are that group of people, ready to work alongside you.

Starting with our outstanding Custom PET Cold Cups, that are durable, stylish and beautiful, looking amazing on Instagram pictures, encouraging customers to take stunning photos with your product, while having the time of their lives at your lovely coffee shop. Our Custom Ice Cream Cups and Coffee Packages are also two of our best-selling options, gorgeous creations made with an accurate attention to detail, perfectly customizable for all kinds of businesses. See some of our awesome products here.

Clients love our Coffee Sleeves, made with the best materials available in the market. These wonderful items feel absolutely great in your hands, are visually appealing and totally indispensable at reinforcing your brand’s image under any circumstance. Some of our most popular clients are Monkey Bread, Dead End Bakehouse and The Dockside Kitchen.

“They allow you to completely get creative on your design, other companies out there tend to limit the different design aspects, recommended to all my restaurant owner friends!” 

Sarah E.

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