6 Ways to Promote Your Local Coffee Shop

Kicking off any business can be a challenge. Each time that it appears the hard part is over, something new crops up that need lots of effort. Your local coffee shop may have a fantastic product, fabulous interior design, and a concept that stands out from the crowd. However, if no one knows about all that they have to offer, then this small business may find itself out of business. Promoting it well will make all the difference. Here are five ways that you can make this happen as a loyal customer.

Before beginning, check out “Opening a Coffee Shop Checklist” for a list to help you get off the right foot when starting your coffee shop.

6 Ways to Promote Your Local Coffee Shop
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1. Themed or Focused Events to Keep the Coffee Shop Social

There are lots of unique, themed, or focused events that you can hold at your local coffee shop to draw in groups of people. Think of inviting young artists with modern art to hold exhibitions at the coffee shop. Not only will they tell everyone they know about them, but you will also drive traffic at the shop for days. Another bonus, the coffee shop will have cool modern art to add a hint of deco. Also, the walls will always have something new and fresh to offer if several art shows are held within the shop. Check out other ways to make your coffee shop stand out in “Things to Sell in a Coffee Shop Besides Coffee“.

You could also have clubs meet up at the coffee shop, like book clubs and friends getting together. Finding people who have regular meetings to use the space means that this local shop can look forward to some consistent customers at different intervals.

6 Ways to Promote Your Local Coffee Shop
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2. Provide Lots of Power Ports and Free Wi-Fi at the Coffee Shop

Nowadays, almost everyone owns a mobile device that they use at some point in the day. These devices all have something in common – their batteries need constant recharging from lots of use. Whether it is a mobile phone, tablet or laptop, having an easy to reach charging port could be what customers need. Encouraging the local coffee shop to have as many of these as possible is a great option. For tables that are not along the walls where these ports are, reliable power banks on tables (these could be in the form of menu stands) can be used too. To create awareness, the shop should make sure to have signs in the windows and near the entrance that indicates there are lots of power ports and Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi is a secret, invisible ingredient that people seek out when going into coffee shops. When they are seated, they love to take the time to share their experiences. Also, they communicate with friends and check out their social media pages. Free Wi-Fi will keep customers within the shop for longer. The customers will also be coming back frequently. The coffee shop can also use this Wi-Fi to share promotional messages with your customers through a log-in. I would recommend a shop that has branded signage that lets customers know free Wi-Fi is available for them.

6 Ways to Promote Your Local Coffee Shop
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3. Create a Special Rewards Promotion at the Coffee Shop

The best way that a local coffee shop can grow is by getting people to come into the shop repeatedly. Each time they come; they should be encouraged to increase their average spend even if it is by a few cents with each transaction. Massive coffee chains have created basic loyalty programs where people earn points. These are then redeemed at some point for a cup of coffee or a pastry.

To promote the local coffee shop, they should be encouraged to draw on this idea for a promotion, but make sure to add a twist to it. They could give their customers branded cups with individual names on them for their special brew when they come in, for example. This makes sure that they have something personalized, which they can also use often and identify with your brand. Need some tips on putting a face to your coffee shop? Check out “How Does Branding Help Grow Your Company or Business?” for a look at promoting your brand image.

6 Ways to Promote Your Local Coffee Shop
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4. Drive Social Media Engagement About the Local Coffee Shop

Some people solely make their coffee and snacking decisions from pictures on Instagram or reviews on social media platforms. To promote the local coffee shop, they would need to have a pretty strong presence on different social media platforms. The team can promote the coffee shop by offering a free sample of one of their products for each post. They would need to make sure that they have some parameters around the offer so that they do not just end up with a slew of people seeking out freebies.

On their social media pages, make sure that they have lots of posts, videos, and pictures. Customers can share menus, discounts, special rewards, giveaways – share anything that will help customers connect with YOU. Also, be sure to take a look at “Leadership Tips For Cafe Owners” for more helpful tips to becoming a great coffee shop owner.

6 Ways to Promote Your Local Coffee Shop
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5. Do a Little Guerilla Marketing to Promote the Local Coffee Shop

Guerilla marketing has existed for years and will never die down because it works. To promote your local coffee shop, guerilla marketing messages will send subliminal reminders to customers to try out the product offerings. Pavement signs with a perky message are great for getting people through the doors. Once in though, branded elements in as many touchpoints as possible will deliver a strong marketing message as well.

This would call for having custom serving materials including cups, serviettes, coffee sleeves, and more. The shop could also have takeaway items with branded packaging as a reminder of where their amazing coffee came from. Check out “3 Ways to Get a Coffee Cup Branded” for just that.

6 Ways to Promote Your Local Coffee Shop
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6. Focus On the Local Community Around the Coffee Shop

Local coffee shops are part of a community and should make sure that they are fully entrenched within that community. By doing this, other businesses will make sure to support the local coffee shop bringing in more business and elevating customer loyalty. The coffee shop can also offer an excellent venue for networking within the community and help foster friendly competition from similar businesses.

The more popular your local coffee shop, the easier it becomes for them to elevate their offerings and give you more. As a customer, there is so much you can do to help the process along. Take control of your power and elevate your Local Coffee Shop.

6 Ways to Promote Your Local Coffee Shop
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Thank you for reading with us today! Did you take any of these tips away with you to apply to your coffee shop? Let us know in the comments below. Be sure to also check out “6 Coffee Shop Branding Tips” for more tips on branding your coffee shop.

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