6 Things You Should Know Before Opening A Taco Shop

Mexican food is America’s second most loved cuisine after Italian food. About 60,000 Mexican restaurants are running in full swing in the US according to CHD estimates and the reason behind the progressive rise of this cuisine is certainly because of its reliance on healthy ingredients with unique flavors, and endless varieties.

The Mexican cuisine has become so familiar among the people and continue to turn up & evolve with unusual twists on classic dishes, which is a leap on culinary conventions. The Mexican Tacos is one such platform, enjoyed with bare hands.

This light snack is a corn tortilla wrapped around filling of protein, with fresh greens, usually has some kind of salsa, refried beans, slaws, and lime or cheese as add on. The chefs globally celebrate this snack by bringing in regional flavors with seasonal ingredients for coping with the customers’ changing preferences.

6 Things You Should Know Before Opening A Taco Shop
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1. Shop & Branding

The spicy Mahi Mahi taco with mango salsa, cilantro, and lime squash is one sure dish to try for seafood lovers. Opening a taco shop of your dream & building a brand for some standout tacos is a no brainer for any prospective entrepreneur. There are many elements involved in understanding and mastering the know-how of running a taco shop.

Among them are choosing the location, planning a menu, pricing it right, service boosters, and a dash of creativity too. So if you are up for taking this Mexican relish to the next level, watch the changing food trends and check on these areas to expertise for a successful taco shop.

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2. Location

Before opening a taco shop, make sure you are in the right place. Choosing a location is an extremely crucial step, not to be taken lightly. It would directly impact the growth of your business and brand in the future. If you are opting for a pop-up taco truck. The benefits included are low initial capital requirements. Minimal running costs and you can experiment in different locations attracting many customers. Thereby building a brand even before breaking into a fully established business.

The risks of loss are also minimal. The start-up cost may vary based on the license, permit, and legal expenses, but it’s an option to play safe for a new entrepreneur.

If you are going for a brick n mortar taco shop. The area of premises has to be carefully chosen while there would be some huge investment involved in acquiring. The building or renting making initial investment higher.

Learning what the surroundings have to offer is another important aspect. If there is a tequila bar and it’s a tourist spot or is it a countryside with beer parlor a fair chance of crowd could be predicted. As these beverages go well with mouthful bites of tacos. So choose the target markets carefully.

6 Things You Should Know Before Opening A Taco Shop
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3. Create a Striking Concept

A strong concept is essential for any eatery and communicating it on a plate is rather crucial. It’s how people see you first and regard you next. Creating a memorable concept is not only required for boosting the business. But also for establishing a unique identity among its customers Appetizing tacos with quality ingredients itself invites customers.

But you have to convey something more through the concept of your shop, perhaps a catchy name and appropriate menu priced cost-effectively. For example, a seafood taco shop on a coastal side could use more beach elements merged into the shop’s outlook and build a menu accordingly.

4. Making Through the Initial Phase.

A soft opening would do the job, invite the family and neighboring businesses offering limited services initially. May be breakfast and lunch or brunches in the first weeks and dinner services on the next week. This not only helps the business to get off the ground but also promotes the word of mouth publicity.

Once you get hold of the food services, the gradual reveal of the complete menu with full-time services and happy hours for signature tacos could be provided boosting the overall sales. The initial running cost could also be covered with minimum effort. Meanwhile, your staff could master at menu and service’s grabbing space for improvement.

6 Things You Should Know Before Opening A Taco Shop
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5. Price it Right

Building a fancy menu priced irrationally high, would only lead to a negative effect. Create a menu with items priced right and careful, probably work on individual tacos, compare the food cost involved and price accordingly around 30-35 % of the cost.

Maintaining a constant and reliable source for obtaining raw materials at reasonable rates or in most cases at discounted rates would be an added advantage in the process. A portion of cost could be mitigated by availing discounts or reduced prices and if in that case. The diners could avail the food and services comparatively at lower prices or with coupons or promos.

6. What Makes Your Tacos Stand out?

Tacos are commonplace for foodies and a staple menu on Mexican culinary. Focus on changing the menu seasonally to bring in more people to your taco place. Elevating the basic tacos to a standout version is one smooth trip of blending. Unusual proteins with local flavors wrapped around tortillas made in house and pair a surprising salsa, slaws, and greens to go with the tacos.

The diners should also be excited with a great level of dining experience and distinctive features too. Customizable taco options, where the diners can choose single ingredients to go on their tacos. Using wood charred grillers over conventional burners to give a smoky flavour to the meat or provide live cooking. And grilling counters to get them more interacted, unlimited refill on side beverages or dips and sauces are some several ways to get more customers for your tacos. 

6 Things You Should Know Before Opening A Taco Shop
Customizable Tacos @calexico_bahrain

Thank you for reading with us today! Let us know in the comments below if we need to include some more tips to starting your taco shop. Be sure to also check out “The Definitive Guide to Restaurant Branding” for a full guide to branding your shop.

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