6 Amazing Ideas for Business Holiday Promotions

The holidays are a great time for people to rest and relax from the hustle and bustle of work. A holiday for the masses is an opportunity for a growing coffee shop. The moment people have a time out, they seek to reconnect with loved ones. Coffee shops suddenly see a surge of customers at this time. It makes sense to have a holiday promotion for your business to elevate the total amount that customers spend.

There are lots of different holidays throughout the year, though these six holidays offer the best opportunities. It comes down to the state of mind of the customers. During these holidays, people are looking to spend and are jovial.

Here are some exciting ideas to try out for an effective and exciting business holiday promotion.

1. New Year’s Day

After Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day is a holiday that is often ignored, especially by coffee shops. However, it is a time when many people are looking to recharge. It is also a time when people make their first new year’s resolutions to become healthier and live better lives.

This is the perfect time to offer healthy drinks options, such as those without sugar. Healthy plant-based milk drinks, such as almond, coconut, and soy milk alternatives, also become more popular. From New Year’s day, and at least a week after this date, run a business holiday promotion offering customers the chance to purchase healthy drinks at a discount and share calorie information too. This is also the perfect time to create a smoothie to kick in the new year.

6 Amazing Ideas For Business Holiday Promotions
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2. Memorial Day

This is a great day to have a patriotic holiday promotion for your business. It could center around pastries that have military themes too. Memorial Day also offers a chance for coffee shops to honor anyone who has a military ID by giving them and their families special discounts on the day. Veterans, especially those who may have been disabled defending the country could receive free desserts and treats.

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6 Amazing Ideas For Business Holiday Promotions
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3. Independence Day

Promotion on this day is all about colors and celebrations. This is where the red, white, and blue come to life. Whether it is in desserts, cakes, cookies, and even the cream on coffee drinks, there are lots of themed drinks that can be created.

Since this is a holiday that is all about excitement and celebration, you should add some entertainment to draw more people into your coffee shop. This could be in the form of a simple band. For snacks to go with your coffees, add elements with fireworks and similar bright and fun pieces.

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6 Amazing Ideas For Business Holiday Promotions
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4. Labor Day

Labor Day has a long weekend, which is great for coffee shops looking to do a promotion. It is also just on the cusp of changing seasons. This means that you can drive people to enjoy last summer coffee drinks on your menu. Having this type of holiday business promotion will urge people to come through and purchase because they are afraid of missing out on a great deal or signature drink.

Playing on the transition in weather as well, you can introduce new items for your changing menu for customers to try out. This could be in the form of a tasting for free and even making pre-orders for things like pies.

6 Amazing Ideas For Business Holiday Promotions
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5. Thanksgiving Day

A tough economy means that not everyone can afford a full thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings. As a coffee shop, you can offer a specialized themed meal for the day. People who purchase the meal can also receive a thanksgiving holiday gift such as a mug or a shirt. To give this branded merchandise, a simple raffle will create excitement, and this will also help to drive sales.

In addition to dinner, Thanksgiving is a chance to share small gifts, as well. You can have a sales drive for cakes and cookies, which people can gift those that they love. This is also a time when people are shopping aggressively, especially around the black Friday weekend. At this time, your coffee shop can offer welcome relief for shoppers with a wind-down coffee treat, together with snacks. During Thanksgiving, people are ready to spend and inclined to do so. Have promotions where they do not just spend in the shop. They get a great deal if they carry something home with them too.

During these times you’ll also have employees asking about time off as a part of the holiday season. You can check out “How to Structure Employee Vacation Policy” for more info on establishing that policy.

6 Amazing Ideas For Business Holiday Promotions
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6. Christmas Day

Give your customers the warmth and love of Christmas through a seasonal product. This could be a latte that is made with pumpkin spice or drinks that incorporate caramel and fudge. With a delicious coffee drink that is indulgent, customers will love experiencing the holidays with you.

To go with the coffee, create a special event with unique menu items. For example, you could have an assortment of seasonal pies for customers to experience with their coffee. In addition to serving the pies, customers can pay to be taught how to bake their pies, and then take a pie home.

Business holiday promotions are an excellent choice for building loyalty with customers, especially if you incorporate a reward program as well. A loyalty program allows customers to add points or stamps. You can then give double points during different holidays or offer free beverages to those who are in the loyalty program.

If you want to run some straightforward yet effective promotions, then you can try out the bottomless coffee deals. These allow your customers to drink as much coffee as they want, and you can link these to desserts and treats a well.

During these seasons, an important takeaway is customizing products to better relate to the holiday or season you’re going through. Be sure to read “4 Packaging Items You Should Brand if You Own a Cafe” for info on products you should be customizing inside your business.

6 Amazing Ideas For Business Holiday Promotions
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To maximize on all these business holidays, rather than focusing on just the date of the holiday, run your promotion for five days. That is, two days before the holiday, on holiday itself, and two days after the holiday. As a coffee shop owner, remember, a holiday is never a time for you to close the shop. It’s an opportunity to make brilliant returns and explore ideas on your dishes and drinks that are out of the box.

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