4 Things You Should Know Before Opening a Pizza Shop

What Goes Behind the Perfect Pizza? Talent? A Lot of planning?

Pizza is one of the most beloved foods around the world! Its wide range of customization and topping options has made it a go-to meal for people all over! Therefore, pizza shops are one of the most popular types of restaurants out there. While opening a pizza shop is a potentially lucrative business, it definitely isn’t a piece of cake— a lot of planning, hard work, and resources are required

There are many things to consider before opening a pizza shop; nevertheless, a well-thought-out plan is key. There are tons of online resources that provide advice but it can be really difficult to narrow that information down. Filtering irrelevant information can be a hassle and very counterproductive effort. That’s why we have prepared a comprehensive list detailing the 4 primary things you should be aware of before opening a pizza shop. Now that we have your attention, let’s jump right in!

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4 Things You Should Know Before Opening a Pizza Shop
mushroom, eggplant pizza @mapizzapreteacuire

1. Prepare a Business Plan

This is the starting point for your project, and you need to know the various components of a business plan. First and foremost, your whole concept and vision should be defined, such as your menu, and pricing scheme. Moreover, all of the predicted expenses should be noted down, funding sources for these expenses also got be identified; it is important to note that the financial figures should be kept as accurate as possible

Marketing Plan

A marketing plan is essential as well, this is because consumers are the core aspect of any business. It is imperative for you to identify your target audience. Once discovered, that’s when you can adjust your menu, pricing, and overall shop features accordingly. For example, if the shop is going to be based in the city center, it is ideal to keep a menu full of short meal options so people can eat on the go. Furthermore, when it comes to marketing, the demographics of the locality should be kept in mind. Young people are bound to be more receptive to marketing on social media, so you’ll need to effectively utilize the various platforms to get the word across about your amazing pizza parlor. 

Hiring Employees

The other core group of people involved are the employees, so you need to formulate an effective hiring and training policy. Human resources management will come into play for this particular area. In effect, the business plan will be your blueprint for the pizza shop business, the basis for all the steps you will have to execute. Hence, the strategy should cater for both your short-term and long-term goals.  

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4 Things You Should Know Before Opening a Pizza Shop
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2. Talents Do Matter

Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance in any business, and pizza shops are no exception. Your staff and employees will be one of the key factors (if not the most critical) in this process. Make sure that you identify the job positions and the initial quantity of employees required for each spot. Also, prepare descriptions that clearly define the duties and responsibilities of the particular roles. As well, include all the requirements that make a candidate eligible for the job application. 

Compensation is a key factor when it comes to hiring skilled employees. Therefore, you need to establish a viable pay scale. Those proportions should be determined by taking into consideration the average pay rates in the area, and the experience of the prospects in question.

Staff training is the next important step, you should tailor the training material relevant to the goals of your pizza shop. Generally speaking, make sure that every employee is well aware of the goals of the restaurant. Be sure to create a work environment that blends discipline and employee appreciation.

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4 Things You Should Know Before Opening a Pizza Shop
sausage and mushroom pizza @lagustosapizza

3. Become a Fan of Equipment

There is one simple requirement for making your pizza shop venture a success: good pizza! This sounds cliché but it is true. As long as your pizza is tasty, you will be able to retain customers, and the key to cooking delicious pizza is having the right talent, equipment, and supplies on your side. Make sure to buy the best commercial equipment, and go deep when learning about it, the cost will be slightly higher at the beginning, but you will be able to come up with higher results. Maintenance of the equipment is also critical, and should not be ignored. The proper care will reduce your costs in the long-run. 


Software is also required in addition to hardware, it is very important to have a reliable POS(point-of-sale) pizza system. This will help you automate a lot of tasks, saving time and improving efficiency. Nowadays, technology is integrated into nearly all operations and your business should not be left behind. Many additional features can also be implemented in the software to suit the needs of your shop; for example, you can add an analytics feature to your software to make future predictions are based on current sales! How awesome is that? Valuable data for further decision-making.

4 Things You Should Know Before Opening a Pizza Shop
Neapolitan pizza @buxtonbentleigh

4. Have Fun and Stay Passionate

This is probably one of the most important rules not only for business, but for life as well. If you see the Pizza Shop venture as a chore, you will never succeed! It’s really important for you to be passionate about this endeavor. You will definitely face a lot of hardships and obstacles but as long as you are passionate, you will overcome them. If you want to surmount challenges in the process, you will need to be open-minded, and persistent towards your end-goal. Also, have back-up plans for every phase in the process. 

If you are positive and passionate, your team members will be receptive to this energy. They will be inspired to work harder and bring stronger results to the table. A positive attitude is contagious and it is your duty to lead this change.

4 Things You Should Know Before Opening a Pizza Shop
pepperoni, spinach, and onion pizza @carminespizzeriayyc

Network with the Community

Last but not least, do not be afraid to ask for help! Don’t hesitate to seek help from fellow restaurant owners, you can ask them about their journey, and what they would do if they were in your position. In fact, you should definitely network with fellow restaurant owners. It is always good to socialize in your sphere and get to know some amazing people.

4 Things You Should Know Before Opening a Pizza Shop
classic Margherita @maika_otani

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