3 Ways to Get a Coffee Cup Branded

Branded coffee cups are a staple for any coffee shop. Whether you are just launching your cafe or if you are a longstanding name in the coffee industry, having branded coffee cups could elevate your business’ presence significantly. That is why many marketing experts and coffee shop owners agree that branded coffee cups work as a great marketing and connectivity tool for a cafe. If you want to give yourself an edge over your competitors, it is important to learn how to get them.

There’s no doubt that digital marketing is the future. You have to make sure that you are paying ample attention to that advertising medium. But physical marketing can be just as effective. Actually, in the case of coffee shops, it might just surpass digital marketing.

For example, the abandoned coffee cup on the set of HBO’s Game of Thrones. It sparked prime advertising for Starbucks through memes, jokes and countless mentions, even though it seemingly belonged to another company. Talk about a good branding and marketing campaign!

Overall, a branded coffee cup could prove to be massively effective in terms of raising awareness. Think about it. All that you have to do to inform other people about your coffee shop, and tap into your target audience is just sell some coffee with a branded cup. From there, your customers do all the work, and they do so voluntarily. They carry their branded cups around as they happily sip on their lattes, iced coffees, and green teas. They are effectively advertising your coffee shop down the street, to their workplace, and to everyone they meet while having your product in hand.

3 Steps to Get a Coffee Cup Branded
Ways to Get a Coffee Cup Branded

Branded Cups Equal Powerful Presence

With the trend of reusable coffee cups, this idea has only gained further traction. More and more consumers want to use their own, for the sake of being environmentally friendly. As a coffee shop owner, this provides you with a great opportunity to give these consumers high quality, branded coffee cups that they are bound to use every single day. Even if a customer ends up buying their coffee at a competitor’s place for whatever reason, they would still be using the branding of your coffee shop. This means that when you get a coffee cup branded, you essentially keep marketing your coffee shop even when the coffee comes from somewhere else.

The best part about getting a branded coffee cup for your coffee shop? You don’t need to move mountains in order to get it printed. The information on how to get a coffee cup branded remains obscure and hard to find. That’s exactly why I’m going to explain the process in 3 different ways. So you could get your hands on this powerful promotional tool without running around in circles.

3 Steps to Get a Coffee Cup Branded
Branded paper coffee cup. @coffeecupbranding

1. Print Your Own Branded Coffee Cups

Getting your branded coffee cups from a professional printer is not that expensive to begin with, and Brand My Cafe is here to help! But if your coffee shop is a simple operation that runs out of a kiosk or as a pop-up, then you might not have a spare budget to spend on this type of marketing. 

But even when you don’t have the funds to spend on industrial-grade screen printing, it doesn’t mean that you should abandon the idea of getting your own branded coffee cups. You just need to learn how to get them yourself.

Doing that remains simple as well. For example, instead of using already-printed transfer sheet patterns as described in this process from eHow, you could have your custom patterns printed through a vendor like us. You could then apply these sheets to your cups yourself, and complete the printing process.

Getting custom transfer sheets printed might cost you extra. But since you would be performing the process yourself, you’ll be able to save money on labor costs. You can also save some money by getting custom branded sleeves instead, see some examples here!

3 Steps to Get a Coffee Cup Branded
Custom printed coffee cup. @wearecandyblack

2. Contact a Specialty Vendor

If you do have some limited budget to fulfill your quest for branded coffee cups, then you could make the process easier for yourself. Instead of executing the process, you could have a professional to do it – on your own terms. Some vendors provide you with only the blank paper and reusable cups at nominal pricing, but they do not provide screen printing services. Whereas, others might provide screen printing but not the cups themselves. 

To save yourself the process of screen printing cups through transfer sheets, you could purchase blank coffee cups and reusable cups from a respective vendor. Then you take them over to an industrial-grade screen printing provider to turn them into branded coffee cups.

The process of buying cups from one provider and getting them printed from another might seem complicated. But it actually saves you crucial time from having to print your coffee cups yourself. Getting your own blank coffee cups and handing them off to a different screen printing-only vendor also gives you the opportunity to save some money in the long run. While it is not the easiest route on how to get a coffee cup branded. It is one that saves you some money and time in the long run.

3 Steps to Get a Coffee Cup Branded
Custom printed coffee cup. @lindalillyk

3. Finding a Vendor to Perform Everything Under One Roof 

For those who don’t have to worry about a limited marketing budget, the best way to get branded coffee cups is by contacting a vendor who does everything inhouse. From providing high-quality blank coffee cups and reusable mugs to printing your logo and brand name in durable screen printing, these vendors could do it all under one roof. 

The process is the easiest that you can find. But it can cost you a few extra bucks, in exchange for the comfort of not having to run around from vendor to vendor. Since screen printing is also done using the latest equipment, that is the epitome of quality. You also get the assurance of a branded coffee cup that represents your business in a very effective way. 

Finding such vendors is easy, we do just that to save you time, headaches and of course money! At Brand My Cafe you have an abundance of results to choose from. You can shortlist with the factors of pricing, experience, and quality of provided material. We are proud to make this process easier for you. Check out the unlimited options we have for your coffee shop. Ranging from branded cups, sleeves, packaging and much more, see it for yourself now!

3 Steps to Get a Coffee Cup Branded
Different styles of printed designs on coffee cups. @coffeecupbranding

We hope these 3 ways to find your next vendor for branded cups helps a lot! As an owner, we know you have more responsibilities than branded coffee cups. We strive to make your life this much easier and provide you all the support we can, thank for taking the time to read this!

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